home warranty companies reviews arizona

BBB lists 18 alternate business names, including HMS and CCHS, for the company.

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I was in the middle of two phones on either ear and I finally told this woman at 2 10 how to find Metro Rooter in their database.

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A quick Google search found hundreds of additional complaints, many with similarities to Torine's experience, many citing confusion over the company's name.

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There was an issue with my toilet and my tub draining.

home warranty companies reviews arizona

In the event the emergency pertains to gas, fire or has the potential to cause injury to You or anyone else present in or near your home, you should take all reasonable steps, including, but not limited to, vacating the premises and contacting the proper authority to ensure the safety of You and those present. Once the determination is made by the proper authority that your home is safe to re inhabit, You must contact Select immediately and advise them of this claim. 6. Covered Systems and Appliances. 6. 1. Generally. 6. 1. 1. Proper Working Order.

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They will not allow us to speak to a manager, because managers are always busy on conference calls.

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